BlueDNAcompanion provided state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics (Nucleic acid extraction, real time PCR, NGS, Point of Care, digital PCR), products and services to microbiologic & clinical laboratories, pathologists, pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

We are focusing in 3 analytical domains :

Rapid microbiology & infectiology testing

GenoSPYD, the rapid RNA test (3 hours) for Total Viable Organisms and specific organisms applied to water testing, pharma testing, endoscope & hygien controls (surface, air), all filtered products
Microsherlock, the rapid (3 hours) preloaded test panels. All panels are analyzed with the same MIC thermocycler PCR condition. Available panels are gastro- enteric panel, ocular infection panel, sepsis universal panel, urinary tract infection panel, food/feed/wine contamination panel.

HPV testing and genotyping

The one tube test for cervical and oral cancers. Only 10 mn preparation for screening or genotype.
With one-tube technology, without elution, nucleic acid can be directly used after lysis for sample loading and amplification in the PCR tube. Only 45 minutes for pre-processing of 96 samples manually, saving operating time, 2 hours turn-around-time. Internal control (IC) measure specimen cellularity and participate in the whole process to minimize false negative results. One tube technology can be fully fautomated with NATCH instrument. Specific detection of 15 genotypes is available.

Oncology companion test panels

AmoyDX Q-PCR and NGS panel (Kras, Nras, EGFR…) for lung, colo-rectal, melanoma, myeloma, breast cancers.
KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, EGFR and fusion genes ALK, ROS1 for FFPE samples
EGFR, T790M,KRAS/NRAS/BRAF for liquid biopsies with superarms technology
KRAS/NRAS/BRAF for colorectal panel
ALK/ROS1/EGFR for lung panel
NGS BRCA 1/2 panel and Essential NGS panel (10 genes),
Automated nucleic extraction kit for liquid biopsy (plasma, urine, saliva) up to 8 ml specimen.

Our technology and competency can be used to develop tests for new microbial targets, new sample material, somatic mutations (base substitutions, deletion), gene expression, gene rearrangements, gene amplification on FFPE, cells or free circulating targets, VOCs fingerprint of a specific pathology or body fluid.